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How much does this solution cost?

100% free – The only cost incurred is installation time.

Is this available for other CAD platforms?

Close – please see for a similar solution with SOLIDWORKS.

Do you have technical support?

Of course! Should you have comments or concerns related specifically to this software, please direct them to

How can I obtain/install this software?

Just reach out to We’d love to chat to understand any IT restrictions/requirements. Following this, we’d develop an implementation plan.

Does this integrate with other original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)?

Not yet, but please let us know who else you’d like to see! We plan to continuously improve this solution based on your needs.

Are there plans to include products beyond locating pins?

Absolutely! Moving forward we will begin working on development for the other NAAMS categories. We’d love to hear which products you’d like to see next!

Where can I find additional product specifications & pricing for generated components?

In the bottom-left of the NAAMSXPRESS configuration window, you’ll find a link that will take you to the exact MISUMI product page for the current configuration. Here you can find detailed information related to volume pricing, and technical information.

Release Notes

V1.1.0 - Added Support for NX 11 (January 2018)

V1.0.7 - First Public Release (September 2017)